A productive weekend

Linda and Richard on Mary H treated us to a lovely dinner on Friday evening then we said goodbye to them on Saturday.



Muffin looks so cute as he comes over to say goodbye.

They’re heading on up the Wey and we’re heading back down onto the Thames. I’ve no doubt we’ll meet again soon as they’re planning a very similar summer cruising agenda.

We were pretty sure that the propeller wouldn’t be fitted until Monday morning so Gordon busied himself painting the roof of the boat. Perfect weather – dry but not too hot with a nice breeze to help the paint go off.


I smoked some fish and cheese to help keep the fridge and freezer topped up.

20140712_084308On Saturday the new propellor arrived safe and sound all ready to be fitted on Monday morning.


So shiny now – it’s not going to look like that for long once it gets into the water!

This morning they gave us a yell and said that they were ready for us.


First of all they towed us to the crane


Then they lifted her bottom out of the water


Colin got his chest waders on again and fitted the new prop


He then attempted to drill a hole to fit the pin to hold it in place. The battery drill just didn’t do the job…..


….so he went and got his big boy drill.

Somehow I don’t think anybody had done a risk assesment on this. Up to his waist in water under a 15 ton boat with a piece of live electrical flex dangling in the water?  Got to be close to insane! Watching scared the living daylights out of me but Colin just got on with the job.

AlldoneThe propellor’s installed now and we’re back on our journey. Without the help of Julia, Stu and Colin from TLC for Boats at Parvis Wharf we would still be dead in the water.


Julia and Stuart waving goodbye, probably extremely grateful to see the back of us!


Cruising again with a beautifully painted roof – even if the cruise only takes us a mile and a half up the river to the Anchor at Pyrford

We can’t begin to thank you for your help.



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2 Responses to A productive weekend

  1. Steve. says:

    Hi Dot and Gordon,
    Glad you are all fixed up now and on the move once again, I was also glad that the shaft was not affected. You seem to have some good people around when needed. Happy cruising. X

  2. Well we aready knew that the crew of TLC were insane but that was sheer insanity!! So glad you are underway again. Have a great time in London and hopefully see you soon.

    Linda, Richard and Muffin xxx

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