Enjoying the Thames at Shepperton

A stay at the wonderful moorings at Manor Park in Shepperton has caused us to revise our opinion of the River Thames. It really is a lovely spot to spend a relaxed afternoon and evening.

GordBench WoodsByBoat NoParakeetsThe trees around the mooring are full of ring necked parakeets that chatter away and fly back and forth across the river. They were allegedly released from Shepperton Studios after the filming of the African Queen. I think this may well be a romanticised version of the truth but it’s one of my favourite films so I’ll suspend my disbelief. I know they’re feral and are probably doing untold amounts of damage to native species but I still enjoy seeing them.

We enjoyed our voyage along the Thames between Shepperton and Teddington. There wasn’t a lot of river traffic around today so it was a pretty relaxed day.

This barge laden with the dross dredged from the river was an educational sight!

ScrapBargeWe did have to exert a bit of energy to operate the manual lock at Sunbury. The top gates of the electric lock were not opening properly and a diver was called in to diagnose the problem.

DiverEmergesThis is what was extracted,

LockLogYet another log ness monster! I dread to think what might have become of our shiny new prop had we encountered it!

Just past Hampton on Tagg Island, you pass the houseboat Astoria which is now set up as Dave Gilmour’s recording studio. Unlike Ray and Leonie on nb Firefly we weren’t lucky enough to spot the man himself as there was nobody home. Shame.

AstoriaOnly two locks on this trip and we were luckier with the second – no log monsters here! This barge, carrying a load of pontoons, was just exiting as we arrived. I’m glad we didn’t meet him a bit further back where the river narrows!


BargeLeavesNo time to stop at Hampton Court on this occasion although it does look like a spectacular building. Another one for the way back – the list is growing!


We’re at Teddington Lock now – the start of the tidal Thames. Our journey down to Brentford must be made on the ebbing tide which is at 7.15 tomorrow morning – an early start for us for our journey towards central London.

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2 Responses to Enjoying the Thames at Shepperton

  1. Glad you enjoyed Manor Park – did you get want you wanted in Shepperton????? I wont mention the “d” word!

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