Goodbyes and hellos at King’s Cross

Sunday saw us leaving Camden and heading just up the canal to moor at the London Canal Museum which is a secure mooring that you can book in advance.


Early morning exit from Camden


Canal Museum Mooring

The mooring is amazingly handy as it’s right beside King’s Cross Station. Our aim was to head to have Sunday Lunch at Cask – the real ale pub in Pimlico where my grandson Jamie works – a great post birthday treat.

BarCaskOn Monday we said goodbye to Ellie at King’s Cross Station as she headed back to Cornwall. It was great to see her and to spend those few days helping her to achieve her dream of travelling through London by boat. I do hope it lived up to expectations!

We had time then for a wander around St Pancras Station. It is a truly spectacular building. Although apparently they’re not to Antony Gormley’s taste, I was impressed by these statues.


The Meeting Place – Paul Day


A section of the frieze around the bottom of the Meeting Place sculpture


John Betjemen

Only an hour or so after saying goodbye we were saying hello to some old friends. Paul and Elaine used to own nb Caxton and are freshly back from a continental road trip in their campervan. As with all the best friends it was as if we’d said goodbye just the day before. A quick bit of bonding and gossip over a beer….

PaulElaine a cuddle from the pooches…..


…… and an hour or so lounging in the sun beside the boat were all we managed before they had to go to meet their neice but it was brilliant to see them!


Hopefully it won’t be the last time before they head back to Oz.


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