A quiet day in Bishop’s Stortford

I don’t think there’s any other kind of day in Bishop’s Stortford. It’s a pleasant laid back market town. It might have been different if we’d been here last week as we seem to have just missed a beer festival. Probably for the best!


If you moor beside the Allinson’s Mill it’s not quiet at all. The mill operates 24/7 and emits a constant rumble. We moored further up and have had relative peace and quiet, although the mooring could do with a little gardening work! The concrete path is narrow and clogged with weeds making getting from the boat to the steps tricky as you attempt not to be stung by the nettles.


We knew there was a Norman Motte and Bailey Castle Mound in the town so we set out today to view it. We soon found out that it’s locked and you have to go to the Tourist Information Office for a key. There’s no charge involved but you do have to sign a form giving them your contact details just in case you run away. I got the impression that there aren’t many requests for the key as the staff were quite surprised when I asked.


CastleMound2There isn’t a lot left of the actual building but a climb to the top gives you a good view across the surrounding park land.

ViewFromMoundOur second mission was to try and view the final resting place of Lady Margaret Denny – the lady I mentioned in the previous post who couldn’t afford to be buried in Waltham Abbey. She was actually interred in St Michael’s Church in Bishop’s Stortford, in her family vault.  Trouble with this proved to be that I don’t know her maiden name and consequently didn’t know whose vault to look for – no luck there then.


ChancelStMichaelsThe church itself was built in the 1400s and has a lovely Victorian stained glass window by Charles Kemp so it wasn’t a wasted journey.

StMichaelsWindowWe received a wonderful surprise tonight when Diane from nb Ferndale contacted me to say she and Ray are going to Watford tomorrow and may be able to pop in to see us. Fingers crossed! It’s actually going to be quite a sociable week as we should be getting together with Linda, Richard and Muffin from nb Mary H on Thursday and travelling up to Hertford together. If all goes to plan we should also be receiving a visit from Jenny, Al and the boys in Hertford over the weekend. I can’t wait!






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3 Responses to A quiet day in Bishop’s Stortford

  1. Sarah Orme says:

    Hi, this is a beautiful post. I live in Stortford and we host language students. I loved the top picture on this page so much that I’ve included it as part of our “profile” for prospective language swaps. Please let me know if you’d rather I didn’t use your picture. Thank you 🙂

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