Meeting and greeting

Ray and Diane from nb Ferndale were in the area on Wednesday and paid us a flying visit. We moored up close to Harlow so we could meet them at Harlow Mill Beefeater. Unfortunately there aren’t many ‘official’ moorings on the Stort so you have to try to get as close to the bank as possible. In most cases that means having to walk the plank to get on and off the boat. This was going to make wobbling back from the pub interesting!

20140730_164553It was very fortuitous for us as, having hired a car for the trip, they were able to pop in and pick up a fuel filter element allowing Gordon to finish his oil change. Diane sent us a picture on Viber to make sure she’d got the correct ones which indeed she had.

Fuel FiltersThe couple of hours we spent together were well documented. First of all they photographed us….


….. then we photographed them …..


…… then Eleanor, our waitress, photographed all of us…..


…and finally I photographed these three grinning beauties with Diane taking charge of the happy hat.

ThreeOfThemIt was lovely to see them, even if only briefly and I did stay sober enough to get back aboard the boat with dry feet!

We set out the next morning heading for the River Lea and yet another reunion – this time with Linda, Richard and Muffin from nb Mary H. Our first sight of them was as they helped us through the lock at Stanstead Abbotts.

HelpWithTheLockMuffin was keen to come aboard but we were too low for him to jump. Didn’t stop him having a good look.

MuffinWe had a very pleasant afternoon and evening catching up while sitting on the picnic tables beside the boat. I also managed to return the glass they commissioned.

BoatGlassI’d handed it over the last time we saw them but alterations were needed to the hooks. All finished now and will fit in their window we hope.




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