Lights, camera, zombies?

We’re currently moored up in Hertford in a pleasant spot beside the allotments.

20140802_173434 AllotmentWe had a lovely cruise up the Lea with Richard and Linda from Mary H. It doesn’t half speed things up when you’ve got two sets of people working the locks!


LindaOnBridgeIt was Friday night which, by age old tradition for us means heading off to the pub for a few early drinks before having dinner back at the boat. We were joined on this occasion by Linda and Richard.

EarlyDoorsWe then returned to the boat where we sat outside, had a few more drinks then dinner which added up to an extremely pleasant evening.

The next day a walk along the river to Ware seemed just the thing to perk us up. At this point our day took a distinctly bizarre turn. Our aim, on Linda’s recommendation, was to visit Scott’s Grotto which is an 18th century construction consisting of a series of linked underground passages with walls and floors decorated with stones and shells. Entirely unlit, you need to bring a torch to appreciate it’s intricacies. As we arrived we were approached by a young couple who informed us that they were making a low budget ‘zombie’ movie and had been let down at the last minute by a friend. Could we help them? Irresistible!

Turns out my job was to place a monster mask on my arm, topped by a red wig that kept slipping. I then had to hold it close to the young lady whose job it was to look scared. The result looked something like this.

HorrorNot the most auspicious start to my film career but it was really good fun.

We wandered around the rest of the grotto which was amazingly intricate, decorated with tens of thousands of shells and stones.

ShellPassage1 ShellPassage2 20140802_155433While I was otherwise involved with filming, Gordon was chatting to the volunteer who welcomes people to the grotto and gives some background information. Typically it turned out that he knows some people in the trawling industry in Cornwall who Gordon also knows – it’s happened everywhere we’ve been this summer! Does everybody in the country have friends or relations in the Cornish fishing industry or is it just the ones we’re meeting?



We were amazingly lucky with the weather as it absolutely chucked it down just after we got on the bus to come back to Hertford and very conveniently stopped just as we arrived. Tomorrow is forecast to be beautiful which is brilliant as Jenny, Al, Seb and Josh are coming to visit. I’m REALLY looking forward to that!




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