A family Sunday in Hertford

You might have gathered from earlier posts that I was a touch excited about my daughter Jenny, her husband Al and my two grandsons Seb and Josh planning to visit. I just about managed to contain myself until they arrived!

AllAboardIt’s great to have them aboard the boat and each of the boys enjoy it in their own way. Seb loves to be up and doing, saluting at passing boats,

SebSalutes…being up on deck with daddy and grandad Gordon

SebWavesInLockand generally wanting to know the ins and outs of how absolutely everything works. That boy’s appetite for information is insatiable!

Josh is more contemplative. He loves just sitting in the cratch. I think it reminds him of the domes in the Octopod in The Octonauts, one of his favourite TV programmes. He loved watching the mother moorhen and her two chicks and was incredibly chuffed when I gave him this tweeting robin chick. It had come as a free gift with an RSPB membership pack I was bought for my 60th and had just sat there gathering dust. It’s gone to an amazingly good home Shona & Ian!

JoshRobinCratchWhen not in the cratch watching the world go by Josh was very much his normal cheeky self. I find it amazing how he manages to look angelic and cheeky at the same time!

CheekyJoshWhen the boat was moored up he had a good play with the tiller pretending to steer.

JoshSteeringWe all had an absolutely brilliant day, watching canoes splashing into the water below the river….

smallerSplash….playing in the park

SebClimbinb 20140803_151756….and going for a little cruise in the boat.

LeavingLockWhen it was time to go Josh went into his car seat clutching his robin….

Josh&RobinWaveGoodbye….and Gordon got a lovely cuddle from Seb who was clutching the piece of knot work Grandad Gordon had made and given him. It’s supposed to be a cord for a bell but I fear that its new function is much more likely to be as a brother beater!

GoodbyeCuddleWhen we got back to the boat Linda and Richard from Mary H had organised a barbeque which was as good a way as any to take my mind off the family having left!

LindaBarbie RichardBarbie






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