RIP Major

Gordon and I are spending a bittersweet evening tonight having a drink and reliving memories of our mutual mate Major (Richard Moore) who died recently.

MajorHis wake is being held in the London Inn in Penzance and we would very much like to be there with all the other people in Penzance who knew and loved him. In the absence of that we’ll raise a glass to him here in The Grapes in Limehouse in London where the boat’s currently moored.

He was an amazing character – a fisherman out of Newlyn for many years, a brilliant chef, a talented artist and all round reprobate. In fact he could do more or less anything that he put his mind to – including consume heroic volumes of alcohol. He could be entertaining, funny and, on occasion, could cut you down to size with a few well chosen words. That said, if you were in bother, he would always be one of the first to offer to help out.

He was probably one of the kindest and most generous people I’ve ever met and the world will be much smaller without him.


RIP Major.

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