An old friend, a full moon and three memorials

We had a bit of a damp cruise from Teddington Lock to Staines last Sunday. Leastways Gordon had a bit of a damp cruise.

GordDampThe locks are operated by lock keepers and my job of holding the front rope in the lock kept me pretty dry. No point in both of us getting drenched was there?

We hadn’t long settled onto our mooring at Staines when we got a message from Sue & Andy from Festina Lente. It consisted of a photograph of our boat on the mooring in Staines. Turns out Sue had given Andy a bit of shore leave and he had walked the two miles or so from Runnymede, where they were moored, to meet us and persuade us out for a beer. Didn’t take a lot of persuading!

20140810_180513We knew we were catching up with them and would be meeting up at Windsor but weren’t expecting so early a visitation.

On the way back to the boat I spotted the ‘supermoon’ and decided to attempt to take a couple of photographs. It was amazing to see but unfortunately didn’t end up looking anywhere near as good when photographed with my phone camera!


FullMoonDarkOn Monday we moved on to Runnymede where there are three memorials to visit – the Magna Carta memorial, the JFK memorial and the Airforces memorial. We wanted to visit all three and decided to start off with the trek up Coopers Hill, through some lovely woodland, to the Airforces Memorial which names over 20,000 air men and women lost in the second world war.


AirforceMemorialIt’s a bit of a climb but it’s well worth the effort.

Corridor Window ArchThen it was back downhill to the Magna Carta memorial which was erected by the American Bar Association because of the link between the Magna Carta and the American Declaration of Independence.

MagnaCartaMemorialFinally we went to the JFK Memorial which is reached by a climb up 50 irregular granite steps.


KennedyMemorialWhen we got there the heavens opened and we were lucky to find ourselves a dry spot on a bench under a tree while the rain poured down and the thunder and lightening crashed and crackled.

HeavensOpenedBack at the boat we managed to dry off and the sun came out so we could appreciate our lovely overnight mooring.







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