Catching up with Festina Lente

No matter how hard they tried Sue and Andy on Festina Lente couldn’t out-run us and we managed to track them down in Windsor on Tuesday.


It was lovely to see Sue’s friendly face when we were mooring up at Windsor

We’d set out at 7.30am from Runnymede so we could get to Windsor in time to see the changing of the guard at the castle.

Band2 BandSoldiersOnce again we didn’t bother to try to get into the castle itself because there were so many visitors that I reckon it’d have taken up most of the day just to get to the top of the queue. We went and had a coffee, cake and catchup instead.

CoffeeThe boys then headed back to Festina Lente to have a bit of male bonding time over Andy’s engine while Sue and I headed to the hairdressers for some pampering.

Hairdo MyHairdoLooking a lot better groomed (and feeling a lot poorer) we then enjoyed a bit of shopping before heading back to the boat to pick up the boys to go for a late lunch. As it turned out it was a very late lunch. We got into a pub at about 4pm or so and by then they’d stopped serving food. Not to worry. We decided to stay there and have a drink anyway.

OutsidePubThey sold miniature bottles of Prosecco that went down very well!

FizzEventually we ended up going to Wetherspoons for ‘lunch’ at about 6.00. It was steak night and a very pleasant evening it turned out to be. We managed to wander back to the boat without any mishaps, saying hello to the swans on the way.

SueSwansThe next day we set out together to get to Cookham. The Thames is extremely busy at the moment and the lock-keepers were playing sardines with the boats to squeeze in as many as possible at a time.

JammedInLockDespite the river traffic we haven’t had any problem with moorings. We managed to find a nice spot Cookham where we had another lovely (although considerably less alcoholic) evening. This time we were invited aboard Festina Lente for one of Sue’s lovely dinners.


Misty early morning scene opposite our mooring at Cookham

Tonight we’re moored up outside Uri Geller’s place and tomorrow we head to sample the delights of Reading. We know how to live!




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