Sunday lunch in Dorchester on Thames


Yesterday we had a short cruise to Days Lock just outside Dorchester on Thames where we moored in the shadow of the delightfully named Wittenham Clumps with the aim of having Sunday lunch at The George Hotel.

CastleHillOn the way we passed Mike on Isobel. We hadn’t seen him since last winter when he was at Aston working on Ferndale’s woodwork and, if we’d known he was so close, I’m sure we’d have managed a drink or two somewhere. As it was all we managed was a quick shouted conversation.

MeetingMikeThe walk to the pub took us through some lovely countryside with loads of evidence of Bronze and Iron Age settlements.

AncientLandscapeThe George proved to be an old coaching inn complete with coach (along with a lovely old Bentley). It provided an excellent Sunday roast complete with the best Yorkshires I’ve ever tasted.


After dinner, Sue and I left Gordon and Andy finishing their pints and headed off to have a look at Dorchester Abbey. We had a wander around the herb garden which was absolutely alive with bees.


BeesInside there’s an intriguing tombstone.


A bit of research informed me that, after stopping her husband from entering into a bigamous marriage with an heiress, she hanged herself from her bedpost with a pocket handkerchief and a short length of rope. The inquest verdict of ‘lunacy’ allowed her to be buried in consecrated ground and led to the unusual wording on her tombstone.

There’s also a carved stone 12th century font. Fascinating to think that this was created when Henry II (of ‘who will rid me of this troublesome priest’ fame) was on the throne and is still in use today.

FontThe day ended with a very pleasant hour or two spent sitting in the sunshine outside the boats drinking tea and then eating a lovely spicy soup that Sue prepared.




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