A visit to Oxford

Last Saturday we were moored up at Eynsham and decided to take the bus into Oxford for the day to have a look around.

Our first stop off was at Christ Church College, where we did the sight seeing shuffle along with hoards of other visitors. We shuffled our way up the Harry Potter steps…

HarryPotterStaircase….through the dining hall

SightSeeingShuffle DiningHall1….where we spotted a portrait of the legendary (if you’re from Cornwall anyway) Jonathan Trelawny.

JohnathanTrelawneyIf you’ve heard the Mousehole Male Voice Choir’s stirring rendition of the unofficial Cornish national anthem ‘Song of the Western Men’ better known as ‘Trelawny’ you’re lucky. If you’ve been in the Kings Arms in Paul village after choir practice and heard them singing it over a pint or two you’re even luckier.

The chorus goes

And shall Trelawny live?
Or shall Trelawny die?
Here’s twenty thousand Cornish men
Will know the reason why.

We then shuffled into the Cathedral where I was enthralled by the stained glass.

Glass5 Glass3


GlassDetail2On the way out of Christ Church we passed the Radcliffe Camera. I’d seen the building marked on tourist maps but hadn’t got a clue what it was – apparently Camera means room in Latin and the building is part of the Bodleian Library.

RadcliffeCameraOn the top of Exeter College we spotted yet another Antony Gormley iron man – one of his ‘Another Time’ series of sculptures like the one outside The Grapes on the Thames. I reckon that bloke’s following us!


We made a point of having a look at the Bridge of Sighs….

BridgeOfSighs…and were impressed by the ‘Emperors’ on the front of the Sheldonian Theatre.








On Sunday we brought the boat into the centre of the city and took the opportunity to visit Oxford Castle.



The castle was a prison until 1996 and most of the tour concentrates on this aspect of its history although you also get to go down into the crypt of the medieval chapel.




I don’t imagine that we’ve even scratched the surface of what’s available to see and do in Oxford. Definitely worth another visit I reckon.





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