Bye bye Festina Lente!

Tuesday and Wednesday were our last days (for this season anyway) cruising with Sue and Andy on Festina Lente and involved us making our way from Braunston down to Hawkesbury Junction. They’re heading North up to the Llangollen Canal and, after my cousin Diane’s 50th Wedding Anniversary party in Coventry, we’re heading south down to London again.

Along the way we stopped at the top of the three Hillmorton Locks and wandered down for a great breakfast at the Canal Chef Cafe before attempting to walk off one or two of the calories by doing the locks!

CanalCentreCafe BreakfastCanalChef

HillmortonLocksThe canal was incredibly busy and our journey was made even more difficult when we met nb Galatea overtaking another boat on a blind bend! Not sure why he was attempting that particular manoeuvre, perhaps he was in a rush and wanted to get to the locks first. No attempt to pull in, no apologies, he just slowed down a bit and expected us to avoid him which, luckily, we did!

We had our farewell drink in The Greyhound in Hawkesbury (after consuming some lovely flatbreads prepared by Sue aboard FL)…..

GreyhoundHawkesbury….before waving them goodbye the following day.

ByeByeWe’ve had a great few weeks as their cruising buddies and will really miss them!


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