For the past few weeks I’ve really been looking forward to my cousin Diane’s 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration in Coventry – not just to the party itself, but to meeting so many new relatives. I wasn’t disappointed.

Last Wednesday I managed to finish off their present – a stained glass lamp. It was all a bit last minute but I think they liked it.


The ‘do’ consisted of a meal in The Farmhouse pub followed by far too much alcohol consumption in the beer garden then back at Diane’s daughter Denise’s house.

From the ‘sober’ end of the day……


My cousin Mark along with his boy Tyler


Denise manages to gatecrash the ‘young’ table (cornering the entire supply of rose wine in the process!)


Aunt Beryl – still wonderful at 91!


Bob & Diane cutting the cake with the assistance of various grand children (sorry I nicked your photo Ian – much better than any of mine!)


Bob and Diane with all their grandchildren – from the left Jack, McCauley, Katy, Jake, Lennon held by Tom (an amazingly sensible photograph for once), Ellie and in the front row the twins Evan and Niamh flank Travis.


Bob & Diane with their ‘children’ Ian, Denise and Matt. Between them these three have produced the brood in the photograph above!


Gemma (Matt’s wife) with Lennon who was still clean at this point…..


…..a situation that was soon remedied!


Gordon & Bob found plenty to natter about


Ian telling a joke – I think his son Jack may well have heard it before!

Luckily photographs from the latter end of the evening (going into Sunday morning) were few and far between.


Great selfie Katy, shame the rabble behind you photobombed it!


….meanwhile back at Denise’s house


Proof positive that nana stayed up after midnight

By the end of the evening Denise and I had definitely got to the ‘I really love you’ stage.



Gordon and I had an absolutely brilliant day. Thank you to the all the assorted Waddells, Fultons, Leahys, and Lindsays for making us feel so at home. As Denise would say you’re all ‘well extra’ and I’m truly proud to have become your ‘mad aunty Dot’.


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