Breakfast in the Basin and a trip to Sutton Stop

In a fit of drunken bonhomie on Saturday night, I agreed to play host to whoever wanted to come to see the boat and have a cooked breakfast. I must admit that, waking up on Sunday morning feeling a trifle the worse for wear, I was praying that not everyone who was invited would turn up. Where would I put them? My luck was in – we were only joined by Bob, Diane, Denise, Ian and his daughter Katy. A very manageable number. They were all feeling delicate so nobody was too noisy which was a blessing!

Diane brought the bacon, sausages and bread and I supplied the eggs and beans and cooked it all. The weather was glorious so most people chose to eat al fresco which eased the stress on seating arrangements!


Ian’s attire is due to the fact that he ran to the boat from Denise’s house while Katy gave everyone else a lift – and I’m supposed to be the mad one?

The rest of the time they were there was spent taking photos including, of course, the compulsory poop deck shots.


A sensible pose grouped around Mr Brindley……


….and a slightly more acrobatic one. I wonder if he’d have approved?


IanPoopDeckRefreshed after an early night I was ready for the final part of the weekend’s celebrations. We were being joined by Lennon, along with both sets of his grandparents for a trip from Coventry to Sutton Stop.

LeahysWaddellsBoatLennon very quickly overcame his initial nervousness of the water and was happy to join his grandad Bob in the cratch happily watching the boats and the ducks. I did wish that my grandsons Seb and Josh could have been there too I think they’d have had a great time playing together – although the three of them would probably have proved a bit of a handful!

LennonGrandadCratchDiane, Pat and I sat in the bedroom nattering while Bob entertained Lennon and and Tony chatted to Gordon on the poop deck.


Lennon abandoned grandad Bob and went to spend some time with grandad Tony on the poop deck.


When we arrived at Sutton Stop we all went for lunch in the garden of the Greyhound at Hawkesbury Junction. Very nice it was too. By the end of lunch we’d actually managed to tire Lennon out completely. He’d seen enough boats and ducks to last a lifetime and was now spark out.

PoopedBefore they said goodbye Tony decided to do a gurning impression through a rubber ring they’d brought as a joke. Someone should really tell him that you’re supposed to make a funny face!

PatGurningThen there was, of course, the Leahy’s poop deck shot.

PatTonyPoopDeckA lovely end to a marvellous weekend!



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