Dashing down the Grand Union to London – day four

We left Gayton Junction on yet another misty morning. It was a touch chilly as evidenced by at least one boat having lit its fire.


20140911_074224By the time we’d gone through the Blisworth Tunnel and got to Stoke Bruerne, the mist was gone and the sun was out. It’s a lovely village with a couple of pubs, a Thai Restaurant and a Canal Museum. We’ll definitely be stopping there on the way back!

StokeBruerneFor now it was down the seven locks and, as ever, onwards and southwards. This fellow was totally undisturbed by our passing. Herons here seem much less timid than on any other canal.

HeronJust after Cosgrove we crossed the Iron Trunk Aqueduct which takes the canal over the Great Ouse River. It’s not a patch on the Poncysyllte on the Llangollen Canal but would still prove a problem for someone who doesn’t like heights. Like the Pontcysyllte there’s no fence on the non tow path side so it’s possible to stand on the edge of the boat and look straight down.GreatOuseAqueduct

20140911_130826We had intended to stop at Wolverton but we’d made an early start and it was still only 1pm so we decided to head on to Milton Keynes. I wasn’t expecting much – I had a vision of a concrete jungle with the famous concrete cows. The reality, at least at the canal side, was totally different. For several miles the land on either side of the canal forms a green corridor so that you’re unaware of travelling through a built up area – and not a concrete cow in sight! We moored beside  Campbell Park, a lovely space.

GeeseCampbellParkIt was still only 3pm and we decided to head for the Peace Pagoda which was only 20 minutes walk or so away. What a place!


Frieze PagodaLions

Gordon waited patiently while I wandered around the pagoda taking in the views of the lake. Is it just me that’s reminded of the photograph of Princess Diana outside the Taj Mahal?

GordPavillionAt the end of day four we had travelled a total of 52 miles and done 21 of the 107 locks leaving 72 miles and 86 locks to do in 7 days. Still on target!








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