Dashing down the Grand Union – day seven

Our hard work on day six meant that day seven was a bit of a doddle. Just 6 miles and 7 locks, on a beautiful autum day, to get to our planned destination of Berkhamsted.


At Cowroast we met Jo and Mark, our lock buddies from the previous day. Unfortunately they wouldn’t be accompanying us for this section as they were packing up and heading home. No doubt we’ll bump into them somewhere in the future!

We did pick up some new pals for three of the locks which made the journey very speedy.

20140914_113237We got to Berkhamsted around noon and had time to do some shopping before spending the afternoon visiting the motte and bailey castle which is only a short walk from the moorings.

Berkhamsted Castle was on my list of ‘stuff to do on the Grand Union’ and it was great that we had time to visit it on the way down to London as opposed to adding it to my ever growing ‘on the way back up’ list.



View of the motte which would have acted as the castle’s last line of defence


Gordon descending from the motte


The inner castle walls viewed from the outer defences


Panorama of the bailey viewed from the motte

I mis-counted the number of locks and the number of days when doing the last post! We’d actually done 46 locks up to that point and had 6 days remaining. With those corrections included – at the end of day seven we’d travelled a total of 80 miles and done 53 of the 107 locks leaving 44 miles and 54 locks to do in 5 days. Looking at these figures it’s pretty obvious that we’re going to have some tough days ahead with over half the locks still to do in under half the time.


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