Dashing down the Grand Union – days eight and nine


As you leave Berkhamsted you go under this bridge. 


I’d heard the name ‘Grand Junction Canal’ but had always assumed that it’s an old name for the Grand Union Canal – apparently not. I googled it and it refers to the main section of the canal from Braunston to Brentford.  Together with all the ‘arms’ it becomes the Grand Union Canal. So now I know!

Days eight and nine saw us doing 37 locks – mostly on our own and most of them were set against us. For non boaters that means that, as we were going downhill, the locks had to be filled before we could go into them. Many of the locks on the downward side of the canal require them to be empty when you leave so on the way back up we should have a much easier time.

It was hard work but there were many things along the way that made the journey worth the effort.


The sign outside the Rising Sun pub in Berkhamsted. A visit to the pub on the way back is a must I think


The lock cottage with an odd piece of castellation over the front door


A garden on a lock gate

Later on that day we met this CRT crew. They were cleaning the lock gates, getting rid of the vegetation because it encourages ‘beasties’ that rot the wood. Apparently they won’t be doing the one above as it isn’t in their patch.



A narrowboat paddle steamer?


We bumped into Peter and Megan from nb Moonshadow. We cruised with them to Manchester last year and hadn’t seen them since. Just a brief chat but it was great to catch up.


A boat with a car as a pram hood!


A lot of lovely gardens but this one was extra special with its very own banana tree


An unusual way of deterring unwanted moorers


A boat with a very unusual name

The days just flew by but we were knackered at the end of them and looking forward to the next couple of days that would hold only one lock!

At the end of day nine we’d done 90 locks.  Just a few to go and some miles. I’ve got completely tangled in this countdown thing as I reckon I mis-counted the locks originally. I should leave that kind of stuff to my mate Diane on nb Ferndale – she specialises in it! We’d reached Uxbridge which is on the London tube system so we’re nearly there!




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