We made it to Limehouse – on time!

After our three day lock marathon, we had a pretty uneventful, almost lock free two day run down to Bull’s Bridge and on to the Paddington Arm. On our way through Little Venice we spotted this!

LittleVeniceMooringA free mooring space in Little Venice is so rare that I had to take a photograph. We needed to take water and were hoping to get into Paddington so we let this one go. I’ve no doubt that it was quickly snapped up! We were lucky this time at Paddington and managed to get ourselves into more or less the last mooring in the basin – right beside the rolling bridge.

MooredInPaddingtonCroppedEllie would be joining us later that evening so, in the meantime, we set out to have a look around. We’d received instructions from friends Paul and Elaine that a visit to The Victoria, 15 minutes walk from the boat, was a must.

VictoriaDownstairsIt was a lovely pub with this great bar and a couple of very luxurious upstairs rooms. Gordon settled himself very happily in the Library Room.

LibraryVictoriaSuitably refreshed, we decided to go to the Tower and look at the poppies again, to see how far they’d come on since our last visit. The difference was incredible!


Poppies in July


Poppies in September

On our way back they were opening Tower Bridge for the passage of a Thames Sailing Barge.

TowerBridgeOpenAfter a quick nap back at the boat we were ready to go and meet Ellie, whose train was due into Paddington at 11.45. Obviously it’s at this time of night that non emergency maintenance gets done. We whiled away our waiting time watching these remote control cherry pickers being manoeuvred into position, ready for a night’s work.

MidnightPaddingtonOn Friday, the day before the trip round the Olympic Park, we left Paddington and headed on the final leg, down the 12 locks of the Regents Canal into Limehouse Basin.

The previous day had been beautifully sunny, and Friday started out the same.


Passing the aviary at Regents Park Zoo


Camden Market wasn’t too busy as it was still fairly early

We managed to pick up some lock buddies for a few of the locks, which made life a bit easier.

CompanyIntheLocksBy the eighth lock the good weather finally deserted us, as did our cruising buddies, and the heavens opened! We retreated back into the boat and peered out while it absolutely chucked down with associated thunder and lightening. When the weather let up a bit we carried on working the lock. Trouble was the storm wasn’t finished with us. It then proceeded to send down enormous balls of ice. They hurt! Still, it didn’t take long to clear and the sun was soon out again.

AftermathWe carried on through the last four locks and managed to find a spot in Limehouse Basin, all ready for the next day’s trip. Limehouse is a great mooring with a nighttime view of which I will never tire.

LimehouseAtNightWe’d done all the rushing around, got here on time and could now sit back and enjoy the remainder of our time in London with no pressure. And relax!






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1 Response to We made it to Limehouse – on time!

  1. Anne says:

    Well done you two – an awesome achievement!!

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