A trip into the Olympic Park and a fun day in London

All that effort and the day finally arrived when we left Limehouse Basin and went up the River Lee to embark on our trip around the Olympic Park. Ellie had arrived the night before and Jamie met us at the Three Mills mooring where all the boats were getting together.

JamieArrivesAt the briefing we were pleased to hear that we were to be allowed through City Lock to do the Bow Back River section. We’d been warned by email that this section might be out of bounds due to the heavy rain from the day before.

BriefingWe set out in a convoy – only to be disappointed by being turned away at the entrance to City Lock because of water levels. Shame!

OffInConvoyThe cruise was therefore cut down to travelling up one short section of waterway right beside the Olympic Stadium. The park is very much still a ‘work in progress’.


CurlyWurlyTowerAfter about 15 minutes we turned around and headed back down again.

TurningRoundIf we’d actually made the journey back down to London for just this I think I’d have been very disappointed. Luckily we were getting to spend time with Ellie and Jamie which made it all worth while.

We took the boat back to Limehouse, moored up and headed out for the afternoon. Jamie had never been on the Emirates airline cable car and we certainly didn’t mind doing that again.


We headed to Borough Market….

GordBoroughMarket….and went for a drink in the Brew Wharf under this colourful display of umberellas.

BrolliesWe had a truly terrible beer in The Anchor beside the replica of the Golden Hinde…


…and went for a great burger in a posh burger joint the name of which escapes me.

All in all a brilliant day – even though the supposed main event was a bit underwhelming.




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