A visit to Greenwich and a move to Paddington Basin

The visitor moorings at Limehouse are for 24 hours only and we’d already spent two nights there so we shifted the boat up to Three Mills where we’d gathered for the Olympic Park Trip.

MooringThreeMillsIt’s a great mooring, close to the Bromley By Bow tube station and right beside these lovely mill buildings.

MillsYou can take a tour round them but we didn’t happen to be there when they were open so missed out. We went to Greenwich for the day instead.

Our first stop off was at the Painted Hall. Designed by Sir Christopher Wren, it’s the exceedingly grand dining hall of the Old Royal Naval College.



The next stop was at the Maritime Museum. Gordon is fascinated by naval history and he spent a little bit of time wandering around. It was nowhere near enough for him so we decided that it’d be better if he came back on his own and spent as much time there as he wanted.

Next it was up the hill towards the Greenwich Observatory. There were hoardes of people waiting to grab a photograph straddling the meridian so we stayed outside, enjoyed the incredible view and recovered from the climb.

MeGordGreenwich PanoramaGreenwich2Our plan the next day was to take the boat back to Paddington Basin where Ellie could catch the train home and we could spend a few days sight seeing.

Along the way we picked up a couple of Ellie’s friends as passengers. Pam and her partner Mandy live in the area and came along for a short trip – although Mandy did pay for her passage by helping us through a lock.

MaggieLockCamden Locks proved entertaining. The bottom lock was completely surrounded by a crowd of people drinking. I went up to ask them to move and they said no – then proceeded to say they’d do the work for me.  I stood around nattering while they worked the lock – ideal!

The next lock was bathed in a rather suspicious smelling smoke haze – and an old bloke in shorts and not a lot else, was dancing away happily.

DancingManIt was an absolutely gorgeous autumn day. Not quite as hot as mid summer but very pleasantly warm. Great cruising weather as we passed restored Gas Holder number 8…..

Gasholder8…and a building where someone either couldn’t spell probate, or ran out of room for the final e or perhaps are just very fond of flying mammals.


We eventually reached Paddington Basin where, once again, we found the last mooring space – exactly the same one as we’d vacated on the previous Friday morning. Gladys, the goddess of all things parking or mooring related, had been kind again!





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2 Responses to A visit to Greenwich and a move to Paddington Basin

  1. Sue Ellery says:

    Good old Gladys. That’ll be a lover of small furry flying things, for sure, btw…

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