Happy Friday in the Rising Sun

We managed to tick off another of the items on our ‘must do on the way back up the GU’ list. We stopped at Berkhamsted (or as the locals call it, Berko) again and went to the Rising Sun.

RisingSunWhat a great pub it is. It does the odd ploughmans or pork pie but concentrates on serving great beer and a fine range of spirits including, to my joy, a 15 year old Pusser’s Rum.

HappyFridayRisingSunWe were lucky to get there on ‘free food Friday’ when plates of goodies come out to be shared around.

FreePasties TortillasIt doesn’t take a lot to get me chatting (specially after a couple of rums) but having to pass round the food made people a lot friendlier and we got quite a few tips about where to go and what to see on some of our next stops.

They seem to have loads on to bring people in, including lots of live music. I was particularly sorry that we would be missing the Cheese Club. You bring along 250g of cheese which gets pooled and pay a quid to cover the price of crackers. My idea of heaven.

EventsTheir most unusual activity though had to be ‘Theology in the Pub’ with the slogan ‘drink and think with the saints and mystics’.

TheologyMondaysIt’s also a dog friendly pub that keeps dog biscuits on a shelf to be handed out to keep the furry friends happy. All this makes for an incredibly relaxed atmosphere making it a must to visit if you happen to be passing through Berko.





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