Sixteen narrow locks to Aylesbury

Our next trip was down the Aylesbury Arm which, unlike the Wendover, actually reaches its namesake town. It also differs from the Wendover in that it has locks, sixteen of them. When I found out that they were narrow I was overjoyed! They are so much easier to work that the heavy wide locks encountered on the rest of the Grand Union.

NarrowStaircaseIt was a glorious day and the scenery was lovely meaning that working the locks was no hardship at all.

LovelyDayTowards the end it does get a touch shallow and ‘African Queen’.

AfricanQueenThe arm ends in a basin, half finished at the moment, but promising much when it’s complete. The pontoons aren’t really useable yet, not having enough rings for tying up but it would appear that access to them will be secure through a locked gate. According to a chatty local the building they’re working on is going to be a three storey community centre.

TowardsBasin AylesburyBasinThe moorings are right alongside a large Waitrose supermarket.  We stopped here for a day and managed to get a few bits and pieces done in Aylesbury. The building site makes the moorings noisy in the daytime but they’re relatively quiet at night. It’s possible that they might get a touch noisier on a weekend as they’re also right beside a large Travelodge.

Apparently Ronnie Barker began his career in Aylesbury which we discovered when we we spotted this statue of him.

RonnieBarkerThey’re big on statues in the middle of Aylesbury. I particularly liked these two lions from the late 1800s, one sleeping and one awake.

AwakeLion AsleepLionIf you venture across the main square you get into the older, and prettier, part of town.

CobbledStreetsSixteen locks and four and a half hours down and the same back up – we both felt it was worth the effort.

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4 Responses to Sixteen narrow locks to Aylesbury

  1. Sue Ellery says:

    Aylesbury – where are the ducks, then? You forgot the ducks.

  2. Jaqueline Biggs says:

    We finally made it down to Aylesbury this past summer and we love the trip. the tall reeds, the shallow cut which makes one have to go slowly, Red Kites wheeling across the fields, and plum trees all along the hedgerows. The Aylesbury Boat club was nice enough to allow us stay for four say no charge in their lovely new marina. I too was thrilled at single locks after the massive ones on the GU.
    Jaq & Les

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