Leighton Buzzard – the reprise

We left Marsworth on yet another glorious morning. There was a boat heading for the water point and they asked us to wait for them at the first lock – we were only too happy to oblige as it meant company through all eleven locks down to Leighton Buzzard.

WaitingForRhiannonEd and Chris, on nb Rhiannon, have strong Cornish connections so there was plenty of common ground to discuss along the way whether it was on the boat…

InGroveLock…or while working the locks.

EdOpeningGateThey’re heading in the same direction as us so it’s highly likely that we’ll meet again at some point.

Leighton Buzzard was our destination for our normal ‘Happy Friday’ early doors drink. We were planning to return to The Black Lion, a pub we visited on the way down to London. It does a great range of ales and ciders and doesn’t do food. Just the kind of pub we like. They got into a bit of bother recently due to a sign they posted outside. It was intended to be an amusing way of deterring drinkers from letting their children run riot.

childrenBlackLionIt received quite a few adverse comments and even got mentions in the national press. They’ve now seen the error of their ways and replaced it with this. I think I prefer the top one!

ChildrenWelcomeWe arrived after 5pm and so enjoyed a child free hour or two sampling some of their very well kept ales.

We stayed put on Saturday waiting for a visit from our friend Greg who lives near by. While I was in the middle of a pasty making, bread proving, biscuit baking frenzy, we spotted a familiar face. Mike passed on his way back to his home mooring. He had no time for more than the briefest of chats but perhaps we’ll manage to catch up with him for a drink somewhere on his journey back to Rugby.

MikeAgainGreg managed to visit us last year in Great Barford on the River Great Ouse. Unfortunately, as it was mid-summer we couldn’t risk going for a cruise as we’d have lost our mooring. No such problems in Leighton Buzzard at this time of year so when Greg arrived we headed off for a there and back again trip through three locks with a pasty lunch on the move and a visit to the Grove Lock pub for a quick drink on the way back.

GregLockGate GregHelpsOut GregGord

20141011_161544Greg certainly seemed to enjoy himself and left clutching a goody bag with a pasty for his wife Nina, who was feeling poorly and couldn’t join us, a freshly baked loaf and a few anzac biscuits. It was brilliant to spend some time with him and I do hope that he manages to visit again soon – this time with Nina.

As we headed back to our mooring in Leighton Buzzard we spotted nb Valerie, the boat of a fellow blogger.

ValerieI’ve not yet had the pleasure of meeting Les and Jaq but it was good to get a cheery greeting as we passed.











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