Just us and the sheep in Campbell Park

Today was a wash out as far as travel was concerned. Constant rain and a gale of wind made moving the boat inadvisable so we stayed where we were. You can just about make out our boat, moored beside Campbell Park in Milton Keynes.

MKHeadSculptureDespite the weather we decided to get ourselves out and about and have a walk through Campbell Park to the middle of Milton Keynes. There was only us and a few sheep daft enough to be out and about.



The path leads past the totem pole…


…and the open air theatre….

MKOpenAirTheatre…up the hill to the beacon….

MKGordBeacon…. and into the rather soulless centre of Milton Keynes.

MKDeserted MKHolidayInn MKBoulevardThe place had the feel of one of those sci fi movies where the people have all been killed and the city is deserted. The only place where there was any life at all was in the large mall where we also came across a display of the famous Milton Keynes concrete cows.

MKConcreteCowsPerhaps people in Milton Keynes don’t do wet Mondays.

On the way back down I was hoping that the view from the beacon might be a bit clearer.

MKBeaconWayBackNo chance! We did see a person though.








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