A walk over Braunston Tunnel and a Chance encounter

It was a very busy day on the canal when we took a walk up and over the Braunston Tunnel today. The mayhem was compounded by the fact that the bridge into Braunston Marina is closed for repair and there’s a very narrow channel available for boats to pass.


They’ve created a dam around the base of the bridge and are working to firm up the bridge’s foundations.


Every lock on the way up the flight was occupied and queues were forming.

UpTheLocksWe came through Braunston Tunnel yesterday and decided that we’d have a go at walking over the top of it and back today.


The path was used to walk horses over the top as, like Blisworth, there’s no tow path in the tunnel. It’s broad, obvious and easy to follow.


As you go up the views open out. I always enjoy heading off up a hill. When you travel along canals you spend a great deal of time looking up at scenery. It makes a change to be able to look down on it.

NearTheTopWe were particularly looking out for the shafts that let the fumes out of the tunnel and keep the air breathable. I’d taken a photograph of one from underneath as we went through the tunnel yesterday…..

AirHoleBraunston….and was able to see it from the top today.


As you near the top, the view back towards Braunston is lovely.

LookingBackAtBraunstonThe walk down the other side is much more gentle, if a touch muddy in parts, and takes you down to the East portal of the tunnel

DownTotherSide CuttingEastPortalWe watched nb Firefly go into the tunnel and thought about Ray and Leonie from New Zealand on another Firefly, who have now completed their canal adventure.

EastPortalFireflyWhen we walked back to the boat and were sitting on the poop deck with a cuppa we had a brief chat with Doug and James who were passing on nb Chance.


We’d not met them before but feel like we know them from a myriad of tales we’ve heard from fellow boaters.




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2 Responses to A walk over Braunston Tunnel and a Chance encounter

  1. nb Chance says:

    Lovely to meet you both today, sorry we didn’t have time to stop today but hopefully next time we wont be on such a schedule! x

    • ewnhacul says:

      I must say your boat is every bit as beautiful as we’d imagined it to be. I’m amazed at how you manage to keep it so pristine looking after a season’s cruising!

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