We’ve spent the last three days travelling the 16 miles or so from Braunston to Leamington Spa (including a ‘hurricane’ stop for a day in Long Itchington). It’s a brand new section of canal for us which is always good. Completely different lock gear too that reminds me of Russian Samovars.


LockGear2When we arrived just outside Leamington Spa we were stopped in our tracks by a CRT work gang who were clearing Ash trees that had been affected by die back.

They had one crew member up the tree lopping off sections and letting them fall into the canal. It was fascinating to watch.

WoodFalling SplashHe worked his way down the tree, checking carefully that the rope holding him wasn’t round the piece he was about to sever!

NearlyDoneWhen his chainsaw ran out of petrol he lowered it down to the crew and hoisted a nice full orange one back up.


SawUpIn no time at all he’d got to the bottom.

AtTheBottomThe crew then picked up all the severed logs from the canal, before mooring up and starting on their lunch. To our joy they gave us permission to take as much wood as we wanted before we moved on. Apparently Ash is the only wood you can burn green so it won’t even need to be seasoned. Even though the boat’s already pretty full it was too good a chance to miss.

GordHappy AnotherLogWe reckon we’re now carrying as much wood as we can possibly manage – lets hope we don’t have to deal with any very shallow canals! They’d obviously been working their way up the canal because we passed many piles of logs as we carried on into Leamington. Plenty there for other boaters!



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