A visit to Leamington Spa

I’ve been a bit slack about updating the blog for the last week. A mixture of being too busy enjoying ourselves, poor internet signal and a touch of good old fashioned idleness!

In Leamington Spa we met Bob and Diane again and spent a morning wandering around being tourists.

BridgeCarvingLeamington PumphouseCorridorGordon and I did try ‘the waters’ but it was a bit like having a gulp of the ocean. Still, you never know the health benefits we may have accrued.

TakingTheWatersLeamington is also the home of Bob and Diane’s son Matt, his wife Gemma and their family. I’ve figured out that Diane’s children are actually my first cousins once removed. That’s a touch complicated. Due to the age difference cousin doesn’t seem to be quite the right title so we’ve settled on Auntie Dot and Uncle Gordon (or where Diane’s daughter Denise is concerned mad Auntie Dot). That way I can be aunt to all of Diane and Bob’s family regardless of generation. Much simpler!

Matt and Gemma run a record studio in Leamington called 14 Records. We visited, watched Matt at work, ate a fair few biscuits drank coffee and got a tour of the building (including the basement which is allegedly haunted). Matt was working on a video for Shannon who’s a young lady with a very powerful voice. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear more of her in the future.


GemmaShannonOn Friday we took a short trip to Warwick – an hour and a half’s cruise with just two locks. Bob and Diane came along and brought Gemma and Matt’s son Lennon with them again.

GordBobDianePramNo sign of nervousness this time. He seemed very happy to be back on the boat.

DianeLennonPoopDeckAt the top of the locks we had a quick visit to The Cape of Good Hope pub where Lennon spent some happy time watching the ducks.


When it was time to go Uncle Gordon hauled the pram up the steps so Diane Bob and Lennon could catch the bus back to Leamington.


After Bob, Diane and Lennon left, Gordon and I returned to The Cape of Good Hope and spent a very pleasant hour or two watching Munster beat Saracens in the European Rugby Champions Cup making for a very ‘Happy Friday’.




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