Just a day to visit Warwick

We had intended to spend a couple of days in Warwick and then move on towards Birmingham. When we found out that Gemma was launching her new album at a gig in Leamington on Sunday evening, our plans were immediately altered.  I’m sure Warwick deserves more than a day but I’m equally sure that we’ll be back at some point to see the bits we missed.

Our first stop was at the Collegiate Church of St Mary – not a Cathedral but a very impressive building none the less.

Stained Glass


In the crypt you can see part of a ducking stool, one of only two left in the country. They were commonly used to dunk nagging wives in the river as a punishment.

DuckingStoolThe most fascinating thing for me were the tombs. The Dudley family is well represented in the Beauchamp Chapel. Robert Dudley (queen Elizabeth I’s favourite) and his wife Lettice Knollys are there…..


….along with their son Robert, ‘The Noble Impe’, who died as a child.


The starring attraction in Warwick has to be the incredibly well preserved castle. It’s not cheap to visit but there’s so much to see that I thought it was worth the £17 each entry fee.


You can easily spend an hour just strolling around the grounds.

20141025_144408 20141025_145035

The walk around the battlements and up each of the towers provides incredible views.



Being close to Halloween there was a dark quality to some of the entertainments, including this headless horseman.


Twice a day they also put on ‘The Flight of the Eagles’ display scaring the wits out of the audience as a range of birds of prey, including a vulture, an eagle owl, a condor and a bald eagle, swoop low over your head.

Vulture  EagleOwl

Condor baldEagle

We’d originally intended to try to see the Lord Leycester Hospital but unfortunately it was shut by the time we left the castle.

20141025_163833One to be kept for our return visit.

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