Sightseeing in Brum

I always love a stopover in Birmingham. Not only do we get together with Nige and Trina, but there’s always plenty to see and do. We were moored outside the NIA, which is a safe and pleasant place to stop as well as being an easy walk to the city centre.


We had two days to spend and our first stop off was at the Library. I wasn’t too sure about its exterior…


….but inside it’s amazing – very reminiscent of an MC Escher painting.

LibraryInside1 LibraryInsidePanorama_edited-1Great views of Birmingham from the outside terraces. We just managed to spot our boat in this one.

ICanSeeOurBoatOur next stop was at the Museum and Art Gallery where a substantial part of the Staffordshire Hoard is displayed. We saw some of it when we visited Lichfield last winter, but this display was much more extensive – well worth a visit. We spent ages wandering around but I didn’t take many photographs – just this one of the gallery that houses a series of pottery and stained glass exhibits….


…and this of a stained glass window above a staircase. The building itself is worth exploring, let alone the vast number of exhibits it contains.

MuseumStainedGlassWe also managed to visit the market where I certainly wasn’t tempted to buy any of these.

BallsOf course we squeezed in a visit or two to some local hostelries. The Prince of Wales is very close to the canal but is tucked away. My cousin Diane had recommended it as a pleasant pub that does good food. It was certainly friendly and a lovely place for a drink. I really liked their lampshade lighting display. Unfortunately we couldn’t try the food as it was Monday and the chef’s day off. One for our next visit.


We did manage to eat in the Bacchus Bar which is underneath the Burlington Hotel. It’s a Nicholson’s pub and we downloaded their app which gave Gordon a pint for £1. Too good resist.


It turned out to be a great pub. Very good atmosphere, reminding us of cellar bars in Krakow and not too expensive for a city centre bar, even when paying full price for beer. The food was good too. I settled myself in very happily with a glass or two of wine!


We reckon it’d be a good place to bring our boating pals if we ever manage to get together with them in Birmingham.

When we headed back to the boat Old Turn Junction was looking lovely in the sunset.


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