Heading for a marina….but only for a week

We’ve been making our way sedately towards Mercia Marina in Derbyshire. Along the way we made contact with Jim and Joan from nb Two Jays at Great Haywood. They were part of the Monday afternoon ‘tea’ crowd at Aston Marina and it was lovely to catch up with them.


As well as sharing tea and cake at the new cafe beside the farm shop, I was able to present them with the stained glass panel they’d commissioned. They’ve got it installed in the window of their boat and they seem happy with it.

StainedGlassOur next stop was at Rugeley, where the neighbours beside the mooring are nice and quiet. It might have been a different story if we’d stopped there at Halloween!

QuietNeighboursAlthough the weather isn’t the best, autumn cruising has its advantages. Not only are there far fewer boats around but the scenery is wonderful.

AutumnDayFradley Junction was almost deserted….

DampFradley….and there was plenty of room at the moorings at Shobnall Fields in Burton Upon Trent. Both spots are generally packed during the summer.

BurtonMooringWe stopped at Burton and went to The Anchor in New Street where the landlord kindly put the rugby on for us so that we could watch England being narrowly beaten by South Africa. Sue and Andy  joined us once again, this time with their lovely daughter Nikita who had just arrived off the night ferry from the Isle of Man.

This morning we moored up on the canal outside Mercia Marina, the biggest inland marina in Europe.

MerciaMarinaWe’re going into the marina tomorrow morning, but we’re not finished with the year’s cruising yet! We’re leaving the boat for a week while we head off down to Cornwall for Eugene’s funeral. It’s a bit of a bonus that it will give us the opportunity to go to Larry Law’s Memorial Concert which is being held in Camborne on Thursday. Two sad occasions in one weekend but there will be plenty of time to celebrate the lives of both Larry and Eugene as well as to mourn their passing.

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