Cruising again!

We’re off on our travels again.

20150321_095057Winter seems to have flown by as I found myself a job on an IT help desk at the Royal Stoke University Hospital. That was a bit of a shock to the system, but it did keep me out of mischief – well mostly. We managed to find time to head down to Cornwall for a wonderful family Christmas…..

AlBoysSofa jenAlBoysNewlyn PowerRangers BreakfastLuckyDip









….and again in February for a bit of mayhem with some of our boating mates.

RayDuaneLamorna CourtCockingStIvesBirthdayBoy Table1TheWink Table2TheWinkWe also managed to squeeze in various weekend visits to local hostelries….


BomboSammy Titanic1 Titanic2

…a very civilised afternoon tea…


…and even a piss up in a brewery.

BreweryWhen we left the marina we were waved off the premises by Carol and her ‘Seasiders’ flag.


At Carol’s request, in memory of her husband Barry, who died very recently, we sang ‘One Barry Winton, there’s only one Barry Winton’ as we sailed under the bridge. Our thoughts are with you Carol and we hope that we can catch up with you again when we come back to the marina next December.



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2 Responses to Cruising again!

  1. Sue Ellery says:

    Had some difficulty trying to work out what Tit-A-Nic was reading it backwards in the pub window there… seems like you’re keeping the local hostelries going single-handed there.

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