A tale of two journeys

Bright sunshine and a heavy frost made for a wonderful day’s cruising up the Bosley Locks yesterday. The Macclesfield has to be one of my absolute favourite canals – the scenery is so beautiful.


Lock12Bollington Canal

At the first lock I couldn’t help but be reminded of the same journey we made two years ago along with Ray and Diane from nb Ferndale. It was also in March, but conditions were very different. It was freezing cold and the wind was constantly trying to pin the boat to the bank.



One lock proved particularly challenging due to the drifting snow…


….and icicles under bridges were a bit of a hazard.


Yesterday conditions were much kinder.



 No icicles to bother us coming into the top lock!


After we moored up on Gurnett Aqueduct we topped off a wonderful day with a visit to Sutton Hall where we found a seat beside the fire – perfect!


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2 Responses to A tale of two journeys

  1. Diane Pearce says:

    We certainly remember that cold time, I look like the Michelin tyre man. The Maccelsfield canal is definitely a favourite of ours too D&R xx

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