A wonderful birthday celebration

Chocolate cake for breakfast – what a brilliant start to Jenny’s birthday last Sunday!

Birthday Breakfast

The main event took place in the Dolphin Inn in Thorpeness. Al and Jenny were there of course along with Margaret and Robin, Al’s mum and dad….


… there was a stray Red Indian at an adjacent table …


… all the ‘Browning boys’ – Seb, Josh and their cousins Joel, Ethan and Connor. It was a joy to be out with a group of children who got on so well together and who behaved immaculately throughout the meal.


We perused the menu but with the Sunday lunchtime Roast and Crumble deal looking so good there really wasn’t much point.


Gordon managed to catch out an unsuspecting Seb with his normal bunny ears joke…


only to be caught out himself a few minutes later.

GordBunnyEarsDespite being absolutely full up from dinner we managed to adjourn to Margaret and Robin’s house for tea, jam tarts, chocolate brownies and a wonderful layered lemon drizzle birthday cake.


On the Monday Al headed off to work but the boys were on their Easter break so we had time for more basketball, football, films and a great walk around the North Warren nature reserve.

GordSebJoshNorthWarren SebJoshTrees

Thank you Jenny, Al, Seb and Josh for giving us such an action packed and fun filled birthday visit to Aldeburgh.

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