The Amazing Maceys!

The Macey family were truly amazing last week. First of all they kept an eye on the boat for us while we were in Suffolk, then provided their normal Cab service when we arrived back. Gordon was enthusiastically greeted by his mate Bombo.


They also kindly drove us to the services at the top of Boseley locks to empty the Elsan Cassettes, posing attractively on the lock gate and reminiscing about their days afloat.



Paul decided to use the time to do some exercises while Gordon loaded the car with empty Elsan Cassettes although these photographs make it look like I’m distracting them while Gordon robs the motor!

20150401_135949 Exercising1 Exercising2

The next day we had the pleasure of their company for our short trip to Poynton to take water….


…while the dogs made themselves at home!

Sammy ElaineBombo 20150402_083724

When we got back to Bollington we got a call from Shaz and Rich from nb Oakapple to say that they were just about to tackle the locks. Paul and I reckoned it would be good fun to head down to the bottom of the locks to give them a hand up. Not a great plan as it turned out. The day before had been very wet and the towpath was muddy. On the slope below lock 10 I slipped and managed to twist my ankle. Paul’s Aussie ‘ambo’ training came into play and (along with one of the walkers who just happened to be passing) he managed to get me off my backside and onto the lockside to await a lift to the top of the locks from Oakapple.

Paul’s Fiesta then turned into an ambulance and he got me to A & E at Macclesfield Hospital. Lord alone knows what would have happened if I’d just happened to be out for a walk on my own. Without the assistance of Oakapple to get to the top of the locks and the Macey ambulance to get me to hospital I’m not sure how I’d have got out of there as the nearest road is quite some way up the locks and I certainly wasn’t up to walking.

Paul then went back home, picked up Elaine and Gordon and all three trooped into the hospital to give me some moral support. I’ve never been gladder to see a group of friends!

Luckily it was only a sprain and, with the assistance of a brace loaned to me by (you guessed it) the Maceys, I was up and about the next day and having a cuppa on the towpath with the crew of Oakapple.


We’ve moved back to Hanley for a dentist appointment now but not before one last visit from the Maceys who were playing postman, delivering Gordon’s new Kindle to him.


Thank you Paul, Elaine, Sammy and Bombo – taxi, ambulance, refuse removal, nurse, post office all rolled into one amazing family!

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