A lazy couple of weeks

I’ve been rather inactive since I managed to sprain my ankle a couple of weeks ago. The sprain lead to cellulitis which incapacitated me even more. To add insult to injury I then developed laryngitis which meant I wasn’t even able to moan about my misfortune! The upshot of all this was that, instead of getting loads of lovely exercise doing locks I was relegated to steering.

We headed back down the Boseley Locks heading for Hanley to see the Bone and Flint Mill in steam. I don’t think I’d like to steer the boat all the time but it was rather pleasant to sit back and watch Gordon do all the work.

Lock10 LeakyGatesIt did mean that he got the chance to do the chatting for a change. Not a lot of opportunity for that when you’re on the back of the boat. Maybe it was the lack of exercise of my vocal chords that led to the laryngitis problem later?


The trip to the steaming at the Etruria Museum was well worth the effort.

Boiler2 Cogs EvenMoreCogs GrindingPans

We also bumped into Jo and Dave from nb Panacea and managed a ‘Happy Friday’ drink with them in The Holy Inadequate. No photographs I’m afraid as I forgot my phone (I must have been feeling poorly!).

We then did an about turn and headed back up the Macclesfield. I steered again but this time Gordon got some help with the locks from the amazing Mr Macey.


20150420_115019 20150420_120915

Thanks again Paul!

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