A weekend in the High Peaks

As we were close to the top of the Peak Forest Canal we managed to organise a visit to New Mills where my ‘nephew’ lives (he’s actually my  cousin Diane’s son so is my second cousin but Aunty Dot sounds much better than second cousin Dot!). Bob and Diane joined us for the section of the canal from Marple to New Mills – as did a random duck ….

DianeDuck…and we then spent a wonderful weekend staying with Ian and Tina in their beautifully converted schoolhouse.


It sits on a cliff above New Mills and has incredible views over the surrounding countryside.

NewMillsViewFriday night was spent watching Ian’s band Betamax playing in the local snooker club. Not a massive audience but a great evening out

BetamaxOn Saturday we had a stroll around New Mills – hilly but well worth the effort.



It has its own Millenium Bridge – just as good, if not better than the London one.

MilleniumWalk MilleniumWalkMeGord

A walk through The Torrs riverside park led us back to our boat where we could make sure everthing was tickety boo before heading back for dinner prepared by Ian and an auction in the Beehive pub.

ViaductOn Sunday morning we breakfasted in the sunshine on the patio with its amazing view over Kinder Scout and Lantern Pike.

ContinentalBrekkieI’m not quite sure why Bob managed to look so grumpy in this photograph – he was actually quite enjoying his croissants and crumpets.

GrumpyBobWhen you add in the wonderful Moroccan lamb that Ian cooked, a glass of his home made stout, enough wine to sink a battleship, the auction where we picked up tickets to Little Moreton Hall, a cruise to Bugsworth Basin and a Sunday lunch at the Navigation it proved to be a brilliant weekend. Thanks Ian and Tina for your hospitality and Bob and Diane for the Sunday lunch and entertaining company.

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