Bilge pump problems at Billinge Flash

When we left Middlewich we made the short trip to Billinge Flash where we’d arranged a get together with Rich and Sharon from nb Oakapple. The last one for the cruising season we reckon. They were already there when we arrived having just come off the Weaver.


When they spotted us Rich was at the ready to give us a hand while I went straight across for a natter with Sharon.


Rich did look rather alarmed when Gordon came off the boat carrying an axe – no need to worry it’s his tool of choice for hammering in mooring pins!

GordAxe  GordAxeHammer

When doing his normal examination of the weed hatch Gordon noticed a bit of water in the bilge that wouldn’t have been there if the automatic bilge pump was working as it should. He figured out pretty quickly that the float switch wasn’t operating meaning an about turn for us on Monday morning, back to Middlewich to sort out a new one. So much for pastures new for the rest of the season!

In the meantime it was party on for the weekend. Sharon and Rich cooked a lovely dinner on Saturday evening and we returned the favour on Sunday. A lovely couple of days although I will admit to being a bit the worse for wear on Monday morning!

AboardOurs  DinneDue to our about turn both boats were now heading for Middlewich where, much to our amazement, we were soon joined by Lynne and Phil from nb Valentine who were making a quick pit stop for shopping in Middlewich before heading on to Billinge Flash.

LynnePhil&Freddie    LynnePhil

It didn’t take long to persuade them to take a slightly longer break and join us for lunch at The Big Lock pub just up the road.


All in all a brilliant finale to a lovely weekend

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