Down the Anderton Boat Lift and onto The River Weaver

Taking Ewn Ha Cul down the Anderton Boat Lift was always at the top of  our ‘to do list’. This year we managed to do it and it didn’t disappoint! For those who don’t know, it’s the only method for getting a boat from the Trent and Mersey Canal down onto the River Weaver. It’s an incredible piece of engineering that was built in 1875 to move cargo boats.

Gordon moored up the boat outside the Visitors’ Centre while I booked our passage through.

20150512_130900    20150512_131112

We were lucky that it was a quiet day and we only had to wait for 40 minutes. Time enough to have a quick look around and say hello to some of the local wildlife.


There’s room for two narrowboats to go into the lift side by side. You take the boats side by side into a Caisson. A door shuts behind you keeping the water in and your side of the lift goes down……

IntoBoatLift       20150512_135301

…..while the caisson on the other side of the lift comes up.


The lift gets to the bottom, the door opens and you find yourself on the River Weaver looking back at a great view of this amazing piece of engineering.

ExitingLift       LiftfromSide

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