Windy day at the end of the Weaver

There hasn’t been a great deal of traffic on the Weaver so we were surprised when we got to Saltersford Lock to be greeted by the sight of Acton Bridge Cruising Club out en masse for a day trip. Seven narrowboats and six cruisers just about filled the lock to capacity! When the gates opened it was a bit like the wacky races!







It was a beautiful day so we moored up just below the lock and headed off for a walk. The following morning was different altogether, cold and extremely windy. Still, we braved the elements and headed down the river to get to the end of the navigation. The most outstanding feature of this section of the river is the massive chemical plant – it goes on for over a mile.

WeaverChemicalWorksBecause of the strength of the wind we decided to turn and head back in a wide section just before the bridge that closes off the rest of the river.


Having passed the lock landing for Weston Marsh Lock on the way down, we moored up there on the way back for a look.

WestonMarshLockMooring WestonMarshLock

Weston Marsh Lock gives access to the river from the Manchester Ship Canal and has great views out onto the mouth of the Weaver and the ship canal beyond.


We were about to cast off and head back to Devil’s Garden to moor up for the day, another narrowboat turned up – the Lady Rhiannon. We were surprised to see that someone else was daft enough to brave the wind and the cold to visit the end of the navigation!


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