Weaver Walks

Our main occupation during the eight days we spent on the Weaver was walking. There are so many lovely walks in the area and we were lucky enough to find a book that described quite a few of them – Waterside Walks in Cheshire by James F Edwards.

There was an abundance of leafy lanes with bluebells and wild garlic.

WalkSaltersfordBluebellLane WalkFrodshamBluebellWood  WalkDuttonStreamPath WalkKingsleyGarlicGlade WalkKingsleyGarlicGate

One of the walks took us up onto the Trent and Mersey and over the top of the Saltersford Tunnel.

WalkSaltersfordTunnel WalkSaltersfordAirShaftSaltersfordTunnel

We even managed to catch a display of American Wrestling when we stopped off for a refreshment break in the Leigh Arms at Acton Bridge.


There were fields, trees an abandoned lock and of course……

WalkDuttonDeadTrees WalkDuttonActonBridgeView WalkFrodshamOldLock WalkKingsleyValleyView

…the beautiful River Weaver.


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