Up the Boat Lift and back onto the Trent & Mersey

When we finally managed to drag ourselves away from the River Weaver, Gordon brought the boat onto the transit mooring at Anderton….


….while I went into the office and booked a passage back up to the Trent and Mersey Canal. I must admit to having been surprised at the high tech nature of the boat lift’s control room!


We went into the lift past nb Saturn – the Shropshire Union Canal Fly Boat, moored at Anderton for visitors to go aboard and take a look inside her.


The last time we spotted her was back in 2012, when she was being expertly towed through the swing bridge at Wrenbury on the Llangollen Canal. What a beautiful boat she is!

2012-04-11 17.15.40

We shared the lift with Gail and Joe from nb the Lady Rhiannon and had a great chat with them as we ascended. We took photographs of them……

GailJoe  GailLadyRhiannon

….and they took photographs of us.

InTheLift  LeavingTheLift

Because you’re at the back of the boat, which is at the back of the lift, you get much more spectacular views on the way up. Apparently there is only  50 metres difference between the level of the river and the canal but it feels like much more.

LookingBack  GoodbyeWeaver

Back on the Trent and Mersey we managed to find an idyllic mooring on a lovely evening…..


….with views back down towards Saltersford Locks on the Weaver.


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