Trip to the end of the Runcorn Arm

The Runcorn Arm used to be a stretch of canal with a pretty bad reputation. We were a little apprehensive when we decided to give it a go. Even the Pearson’s Guide says you should ‘…..explore the Runcorn Arm by all means but go in with your eyes open’.

The entrance seems unprepossessing but the canal is used by locals walking, running and cycling and they’re all pretty friendly. One chap called out that not so long back we’d have been taking our lives in our hands making this trip but there’s no sign of that now.


For much of its length the Runcorn Arm seems leafy and rural. It’s a corridor of green between built up areas, but it’s attractive and also amazingly clean for an urban canal.


I loved the mural we spotted on a housing estate just outside the town.


On passing Bridgewater Motor Boat Club we found that many of their boats were preparing to head off to ‘The Federation of Bridgewater Cruising Clubs Rally’ at Lymm over the late May Bank Holiday Weekend. We were to encounter them again as they partied at Lymm.


I was a bit disappointed at the terminus of the canal as I’d got the impression that I’d be looking out over the Manchester Ship Canal and the Mersey but, other than a distant glimpse of the Runcorn Suspension Bridge, there was none of this in evidence.

EndOfTheArm 20150522_112542


The views were there – we just had to get off our backsides and walk down to the waterfront to see them. When we did we were really glad that we’d made the effort.


RuncornSuspensionBridge 20150522_115352    MeRuncornArm

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