Ferry across the Ship Canal

It was a lovely day when we decided to take the advice from our Pearson’s Guide and go down to the Manchester Ship Canal at Thelwall to use the ferry. The guide we’ve got out is a few years out of date so we didn’t know whether it would still be running. If we’d done a bit more research before we set out we’d have found out that it’s a right of way protected by an Act of Parliament and must be kept open.

FerryGroundsThe ferry was set up when the Manchester Ship Canal was first built and split a farmer’s land in two. It’s been running three times a day ever since (barring Sundays and Bank Holidays when the morning service is dropped).


The ferryman has a little hut that keeps him warm in the winter and cool in the summer but he obviously spends a lot of time, while he waits for passengers, on maintenance of the grounds which are immaculate.


We arrived early and had plenty of time to have a look around. Well I had a look around while Gordon enjoyed the unexpected warmth from the sunshine.


Kevin arrived promptly at 12 o’clock and soon had us loaded aboard the little boat. When we got to the other side we paid the fee of 11p each. We gave him the exorbitant sum of 50p as we didn’t have any change and that would have got us as many trips across and back that day as we wanted.


We were off on a walk and would be heading back over Latchford Locks so Kevin set off and skulled back to his little hut where his neighbour had a cup of coffee waiting for him.


You can find out a bit more about this wonderful service here if you’re interested.

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