Heading for Carnforth

Gordon and I held a meeting in Owd Nells in Bilborrow last night (OK we had a chat over drinks and dinner) to discuss what we wanted to do during our 15 day stay on the Lancaster. It didn’t take long to realise that a) it would be impossible to do everything and b) if we wanted to have a crack at most of it we’d need to do some serious planning. The end result was a decision to put in a long day today and head to Carnforth which is nearly at the end of the canal. We’ll stay here tomorrow and visit the RSPB nature reserve at Leighton Moss.

It took us over 8 hours to travel the 24 miles but we were compensated by some amazing views. The farther north we travelled the more amazing the scenery became (and the better the weather).



BoatSunshine SwanHorse SightOfMorecambeBay MorecambeBayMountains

I certainly agree with the comment Fiona from nb Epiphany put on my last blog post – the combination of canal, sea and mountains makes the Lancaster an absolutely unique experience and I can’t wait to explore it more thoroughly!

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