Tewitfield – the terminus of the Lancaster Canal (for now)

Yesterday we made it to the terminus of the Lancaster Canal at Tewitfield.


The course of the canal actually continues past here and the Lancaster Canal Trust’s plans to make it navigable to Kendal are well underway although they probably won’t come to fruition in our boating lifetime! For now, all you can do is follow it’s course on a 14 mile walk. We decided just to walk the eight locks of the first section and follow the canal until it is blocked by the M6.


At the first lock we spotted a goat who had her head caught in a fence. There being no-one else around to help Gordon hopped over the lock and managed to release her. She seemed quite happy as she trotted off to join her mates.

GordonGoat GoatTrotsOff

BackAcrossTheLockThe walk up the locks is a beautiful one, even though the noise of the M6 running right beside the canal is ever present.



Lock8At the top of the flight of locks we found the Lancaster Canal Trust has placed the old lock gates as a reminder of the days when the canal was still working.

TopGatesFurther on, past the locks we came to the culvert where the canal disappears under the M6. There’s a path over the motorway and the walk can continue but we decided to go back at this point.


This spot also happens to mark the point where Lancashire meets Cumbria, as this motorway sign shows.


We finished off our day with a lovely Happy Friday Pizza in The Longlands Hotel – only £5.95 if you order it between 5.30 and 6 pm – bargain!


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4 Responses to Tewitfield – the terminus of the Lancaster Canal (for now)

  1. Diane & Ray says:

    Is Gordon one of the “Men who stare at Goats” ?

  2. Nigel & Barbara says:

    Good night in the Longlands Hotel too! Jealous as!!! Great to meet you. Good fortune for your adventure. 😀

    • ewnhacul says:

      I was going to mention the night in the Longlands hotel but realised that although we’d chatted and drunk for a couple of hours I didn’t know your names! It was lovely to meet you both too and hopefully we’ll bump into you again somewhere on the canal network – maybe down in Camden Barbara!

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