Ambling around Ambleside

Almost everyone we talked to, who had been on the Lancaster Canal, had advised us to take the 555 bus and venture into the Lake District. The bus goes from Lancaster all the way up to Keswick through some incredible countryside, but you can catch it at Tewitfield, cutting a half an hour off the journey time.


From Tewitfield to Keswick takes three hours which we felt was too long a time to spend sitting on a bus. Ambleside, at an hour and a half seemed more than enough and gave us time for a five mile stroll around Rydal Water. The walk starts right in the middle of the village.

BridgeHouse2AmblesideIt then climbs gently and heads through Rydal Park …..


….passes Wordsworth’s home at Dove Cottage….


…and follows the ‘Coffin Route’ which was used for carrying coffins to St Oswalds Church in Grasmere.


The views over Rydal Water and the hills beyond are stunning!



You can carry on into Grasmere if you want but we followed a track down to Rydal Water…


…and headed along the edge of the lake back to Rydal. Here we cheated a bit and caught the bus back into Ambleside, as by then it had just started to rain.


A couple of hours (well five hours if you include the hour and a half bus journey each way) very well spent!

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2 Responses to Ambling around Ambleside

  1. Jaqueline and Les Biggs says:

    Br brilliant pictures! We hope to make it up that way some day. Till then we are well pleased to visit vicariously through your blog. Xx

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