A breezy Sunday in Morecambe

When you moor at Hest Bank you’re about as close to the ‘seaside’ as you’re going to get on any canal in the country. Ten minutes walk from the mooring and we were looking across Morecambe Bay.


Just a three mile stroll along the promenade took us into Morecambe itself. It was a ‘bracing’ day but it was dry and the breeze wasn’t too cold provided we kept wrapped up!


The warnings about the hazards of the bay are prominent. It’s dangerous out there if you don’t know what you’re doing so we played safe and stayed on terra firma.


The tide was well out as we walked towards Morecambe – no sign of water for miles but the views were lovely.


I don’t think either of us did a very good job of imitating the pose of the Eric Morecambe statue on the seafront but we promised Diane from nb Ferndale that we’d have a go!

GordonEric       MeEric

We wandered down the pier….


…had a look at the old railway station/lighthouse at the end that now houses a cafe…


…and saw some great views back towards Morecambe…..


…. and out across the bay where the tide was beginning to turn and was fast covering the massive expanse of sand.


On the way back the bay looked totally different now that the tide was on its way in. The boats that had been high and dry earlier were starting to float.


Soon there was very little sand to be seen.



In a day or two, after a stay in Lancaster, we’ll be in Glasson Basin and the boat will be even closer to the sea but not quite by the ‘seaside’ like it was at Hest Bank.

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2 Responses to A breezy Sunday in Morecambe

  1. Sue Ellery says:

    Didya see the birds everywhere – metal ones I mean? Didya see the ring of polished pink granite boulders on the pier, forming a hopscotch game of sorts? Nicked from Cot Valley with permission of his Royal Charliness and the NT?? Didya? Didya? I loved Morecambe…

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