Over the Lune and into Lancaster

Last Monday the weather was glorious and I walked from Hest Bank to the Lune Aqueduct in order to be able to take a few photos of the aqueduct.

LuneAqueduct1 LuneAqueductView

Got a selfie on the aqueduct before the boat turned up.


GordBoatAqueductWe had a day to explore Lancaster so we picked out a few things we wanted to see. The first on Gordon’s list (naturally) was the Maritime Museum. On the way to the museum we had a walk along the Lune and past the Millenium Bridge.

MilleniumBridge2 MilleniumBridge

The warehouses along the river have been done up as flats….


….but further along it’s still very much a work in progress.


Gordon loved the museum – loads of boats and loads of information about fishing in Morecambe Bay.

BoatMaritimeMuseum   20150608_112443

Our next stop was the Priory – via the scant remains of the Roman Bath House.


The priory has some lovely stained glass and some interesting carved Misericord seats…

BlueWindowPriory    EastWindow

We tried to see the castle but unfortunately you can’t just walk around – you have to go on a tour and there wasn’t going to be one for a couple of hours so we gave it that a miss.

On the way to the Maritime Museum we’d spotted The Three Mariners – an old pub below the castle – and decided to have lunch there. Turned out to be a good choice, friendly pub, good food, good beer and a great atmosphere.


We worked off lunch with a walk along the riverside path to see the Aqueduct from underneath before heading back to the boat.


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2 Responses to Over the Lune and into Lancaster

  1. Fiona says:

    So glad you are enjoying the Lanky. Shame about the Castle it is fascinating with its court, links to the Pendle Witches and dungeons. Did you know Lancaster is nicknamed Hanging Town” as the court sentenced more to hang than any other outside of London. The corner below Lancaster is named hanging corner as apparently the hangings could be seen from nearby – with good eye sight I think!

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