To Blackpool by Charabanc

When we left Preston we had a few days left before we were due to leave the Lancaster so we headed back up to Garstang where we caught the bus to Blackpool.


We were thinking of taking the lift up the tower but at £25 we gave that a miss. Instead we took a walk down the North Pier….


…had a stroll along the beach when the tide went out a bit…..

MeBeach GordBeach

…examined the South Pier from underneath.


There was a lifeguard on duty….


….but there wasn’t a lot for him to do so he just sat on his quad bike and looked cool.


We had a look at the Pleasure Beach……


….but were definitely not tempted by the rides!

Coaster2  Coaster3

I took a photograph of this statue of a strong man on the back of a horse. It looks enormous here….


….but from another angle you can see that it’s actually quite small…..

SmallStatueCoaster….while the sculptures of whale flukes that double up as seating areas really are enormous.

20150615_141541 20150615_143230

Apart from a stroll along the beach Blackpool didn’t offer much to tempt a pair of cynical old codgers – not even a ride in a ‘fairy’ coach.

20150615_144739 20150615_152027

We just wandered around looking a touch bemused by it all, had lunch, bought the compulsory sticks of Blackpool Rock and headed back to the boat on the bus.

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